Monday, March 11, 2013

It's never too late to change to Reusable Bags....

Nigeria is no exception to this number... Nigeria uses billions of plastic bag per year that end up in our ocean, landfill and environment; eventually it ends up in our food chain then in us.
 Despite the lack of recycling in Nigeria; it is great that we reuse soda and beer bottles and the people in the country are resourceful enough to find other ways of reusing items. But, one significant way to really make a difference in the environment is to use reusable bags when shopping. Plastic bags have been one of the most appalling pollutants in our ocean and lands and have been a menace for decades. Many countries and popular cities around the world have successfully banned the use of plastic bags or reduced their plastic bag dependency; this is no small change! Hopefully, with environmental education offered to Nigerian citizens and OCEAI’s efforts to reduce plastic waste in the country; Nigeria can become a part of the nations making a positive change towards eliminating their plastic bag habit and eventually adopt decrees banning plastic bags altogether.  

Every Nation needs to incorporate positive responsibility towards towards our Eco-system.

But, you don’t have to wait for the law to come to Nigeria; start making the change now by using Reusable bags in your household. It is never too late to form the habit of exchanging plastic bags for reusable bags when shopping; make the change this year. It is as simple as just saying “NO!” to plastic bags and bringing your own reusable bags.  

It's that easy!!! Bring Your Own Bag and just say NO to plastic bags... Nothing complicate and so worth it.

Not only will you be helping resolve a global issue; you will be setting an example within your household and your immediate surroundings… You can explain to your house help why you no longer want to use plastic bags and he/she should start using the reusable bags provided to them when they go shopping on your behalf.  Eventually, your house help will learn the habit of utilizing reusable bags and introduce it to their home and it will be a positive cycle that you generated.

Do the math! One reusable bag will save over 500 plastic bags from polluting our environment and spoiling our ecosystem per year - that's almost three million plastic bags in a lifetime; If you can educate just ONE other person to use reusable bags rather than plastic bags; you would be making a positive global impact towards the future for the next generations.

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